Yeah... that's clickbait. :)

However, the game is valid (and fun).

I propose a head-to-head duel between Falling Skies (s4) and Extant (s1).

The weapons: Blatant tropes and cliches.

The prosecution and defense: All of you

The Judges: a panel of 5; the first 4 people who volunteer, and whom I recognize as "reasonably reliable" will be appointed. I'll be #5

The cost: Oh.... here's where we can have some fun. Y'all can make your own personal bets (though I would suggest "photos in superhero-spandex" as a common one). If people want to wager money, however, it must be stipulated that all winnings be donated to a worthwhile charity. And... if there's a statistician who wants to set odds (on an episode-by-episode basis), that would be incredibly geeky and amazingly cool.

So... Anyone up for it?