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A familiar friend joins the 50th Anniversary Special

As location filming in London begins today, the BBC have revealed another guest star for the 50th Anniversary Special - and this time, it's someone we've seen in Doctor Who before. Click through to find out who it is...

Jemma Redgrave is back!


Yes, Kate Stewart, scientist and head of UNIT, so superlatively played by Redgrave in The Power of Three, will be back in the special. Maybe confirming that everyone's favourite Global Intelligence Taskforce is coming with her? There's no UNIT without a Lethbridge-Stewart!

I'm really happy about this. Kate Stewart was a fantastic character for a fantastic actress, and such a brilliant, beautiful way of honoring Nick Courtney. Whilst it is heartbreaking to know that Nick isn't with us to celebrate the 50th, I think it's poignant that through Kate Stewart, he and The Brigadier will be honored in it.


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