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And they say romance is dead.

I group with a few people on Alderaan earlier to take out a particularly troublesome Imperial Probe Droid - the daring Captain Nylenna Veklan (pictured above with Bowdaar, my Wookiee friend) was joined by a fellow smuggler, a human male, and a Zabrak Jedi Sentinel. Everything went fine, we destroyed that asshole of a droid, handed its scanning data over to the local Alderaanian authorities, and parted ways.


Then, about 2 hours later, I got some mail:

... Yeah.

I have no idea what the Jawagram thing is as when I used it nothing happened, and I'm kinda glad of that! This is the downside of being a dude who occasionally plays Female characters in MMOs, I guess. It's something you hear about, but I don't think I've actually been hit on in an MMO before. Weird!


Still... this is one holofrequency I intend on scrambling and forgetting about as soon as possible.

(also what the hell, kinja, stop eating chunks of my posts!)


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