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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A Good Idea From DaddyEldritch

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So my father and I were watching The Producers a few days ago (the good one, with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder). It's Mel Brook's best movie. I will hear no argument on this. Except explaining it to people makes you sound insane. "A musical about Hitler? That's terrible!" "That's the whole point!" Anyway, while we were watching it, my father turns to me and says...


DaddyEldritch: Do you know what would make a great musical?

Me: *wary* What?

DaddyEldritch: A zombie musical!

Me: ...

DaddyEldritch: I'm so surprised no one has cashed in on that yet! The Walking Dead is huge, World War Z just came out. Zombies are everywhere! Hell, I'd pay Broadway prices to see that!


Me: Actually, and I don't often say this to you, that's an excellent idea. A zombie musical. Goddamn, it's genius.

MamaEldritch: *rolls eyes* Don't tell your father he's a genius.

DaddyEldritch: I'm serious! It would be cheap to produce, you wouldn't need many actors... get Nathan Lane on stage in zombie makeup and you're already half way to a Tony!


Me: I am actually in awe of this idea.

DaddyEldritch: I know what we can call it too! *holds hands out, as if imaging it on a marquee* Night of the Singing Dead.


Me: *stares at him in astonishment, begins to clap* Bravo, Dad. Bravo.

DaddyEldritch: *self satisfied grin*

So... who wants to give my father and I a few million dollars to get his vision on Broadway? You can be a zombie in our production! Let's Kickstart this thing!

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