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A knight to remember on the Face Off finale

The three finalists go straight from last week's challenge into the final challenge - creating a life knight and a death knight who will fight in their makeup. Who ended up on the Face Off throne? Results ahead.


The battle of life knights versus death knights was pretty cool. All the makeup survived the battle before the judges had their close up look.

It's the finale so part of the challenge is leading a team. Each finalist had a fellow contestant from this season and a winner of a previous season working for them.

Drew had George and Rayce from Season 2. His knights are from warring elven satyrs.


Cig had Sasha and Rashaad from last season. His life knight is a crusader and the death knight is one of the dead crusaders reborn with a gargoyle vidage.


Dina had the girl power team with Stella and Nicole from Season 3. Her aquatic themed knights earned her the Season 7 crown. I have to admit I'm inspired by her story - taking a huge gamble to follow her dream. She probably just inspired a bunch of future contestants too.


All images from the Syfy Face Off site and the full galleries are here and here.

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