This isn't a reboot, reimagining, or any other commentary on the state of the Batman franchise. This is me just having fun.

For centuries, the Duchy of Wain has protected Goth Isle from outside invaders and treachery from within. But when the sorcerer Joseph, Herald of the Demon's Host, arrives, the peace that had blessed Goth is shattered.

Summoning the malicious Grynn, a creature of terrible power and misery, Joseph brings about the destruction of Wain and the deaths of Duke Thomas and Duchess Martha. Their young son, Bruce, escapes only with the help of his parents' Captain of the Guard, Ser Alfred of Worth, and the unlikely assistance of the nocturnal flying giants known only as leatherwings.

As Ser Alfred and his young charge flee Goth, its king, Chesterfield of Cobblestone, surrenders the isle to the invaders. When brigands and worse swarm into Goth, the Lord and Lady of the Kyle Riverlands rise up in rebellion against the king. At the same time, the outlaw Fries takes the opportunity to launch a vengeful campaign against the King.


None in Goth realize the true reason for Joseph's interest in the isle. As the treacherous Edward of the Mysterious Lake and the weak King of Goth help the sorcerer, Joseph reports to his horrible master, the Head of Demons, that the legendary Fount of Lazarus will be found, and all the world will bow to their evil...