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A Letter to Steven Moffat

Dear Mr Moffat, I know you are looking for a new Doctor to take the mantle after the beloved Matt Smith departs. I know there are great actors who can really fill the role in a new way but I have a new and exciting option for you: The GeeseJuggler.

I know what you are thinkg who or what is a geesejuggler. GeeseJuggler is first and foremost a fan. I have personally seen her cry scream and try to beat up people for thier stupid and insensitive remarks regarding your fine show. (That is what I have heard I havent seen the whole show.) She understands your need to drink the tears of fans and so she often gives them to you over and and over and over again. She has no life so you can actually do back to back series which will make your fans happy. Even though she is american, she was homeschooled so she had no life and has been practing her english accent sice she was eight. She is two things the doctor has never been before: Agirl and african american. (Question in England do they black people African American or African British. As a African American I am interested in that answer.) But most impoprtant she is adorable and have a DR. Who Scarf as proved by this attached link.https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pho…

So in conclusion I would like to say Mr Moffat think so far outside the box you are insede the circle. Sincerly TheMudder


PS you can pay her in Jelly Belly

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