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A little girl and two fast battleships just made me cry... UPDATED

Goddamn it Arpeggio of Blue Steel.... you're supposed to be about WW2/alien ship porn... and not tug at my dead, petrified heart strings! Although, to be fair, i had been cutting onions for the my hot dog dinner earlier today so maybe my eyes were just weaker than normal. yeah, that must have been it....


Feel free to tug at everything else though...


Welp, I just finished binge watching the thing and that was absolutely epic viewing. I really, really found myself engaged with the struggles of the AI. Some my find it too light hearted but myself, I found it perfectly balanced in a way I haven't see in a long time. not even that fantastic Knights of Sidonia had my unreserved approval over all its elements. 3-4 small, brief scenes were a little too fan-servicey but they didn't dwell and in someways, it actually fitted in with the AI's struggle for identity.

Absolutely phenomenal stuff.

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