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For you writers that frequent O-Deck and thursdaytales, here’s some information that might interest you. I wrote a short story which will be published online in the fall at ironsoap.com.

What is ironSoap.com?

Its a website that publishes 200ccs - stories which are 200 words in length - so, in a word; it’s microfiction. And stories range from sci-fi to fantasy to horror and beyond. I can only describe my story as weird.

It grew out of a personal blog I updated sporadically for about 10 years and then transitioned into a site to showcase my writing. But again the updates became infrequent so I opened up a microfiction feature to other authors. It gave me regular updates with what I thought was going to be less effort than writing something myself. Hahaha… ah, naivety.

Paul A. Hamilton

When can you submit?

Tuesdays and Fridays. As I accept stories, I add them to the calendar for the year. As of this point I have all but 18 of the slots filled. Once I find those last 18 pieces, I’m closing the submissions.


There’s also contests:

I’m running contests to provide themed microfiction stories. The next one is for Canada Day/US Independence Day and the deadline is June 24th. The story requirements are the same as for the general submission queue (fiction preferred, roughly 200 words within a margin of about +/-15 words) but there should be some element of the holiday theme present. The others upcoming for the year are Halloween, Veteran’s Day/Rememberance Day, and Christmas. Details on the contest(s) are here: http://ironsoap.com/200-ccs/submis…

So, hopefully some of you will give this a shot. And good luck.

Full disclosure: I am not under any obligation to post this with Paul Hamilton. I simply want to share something I found with you writers.


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