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A Longer Look at The New Mutants

So the first trailer for The New Mutants came out and it looks both terrifying and amazing. And while the setting of the film (a hospital that looks right out of my nightmares) is completely different from the comics, the characters themselves look pretty faithful.

The first character we actually see is Danielle Moonstar played by Blu Hunt (which is about as amazing a character/actor name pairing as Lance Hunter being played by Nick Blood):

“These electrodes are totally necessary for our ‘evil hospital’ vibe.”

And then we get a look at Dr. Cecilia Reyes played by Alice Braga:

“Yes, I did replace Rosario Dawson. But to be fair, my aunt played her mother, so it’s like we’re related.”

Cecilia Reyes may be the character most changed for this adaptation — in the comics, she was never associated with the New Mutants and instead worked directly for the X-Men, helping them with any medical problems. And although the trailer doesn’t show it, in the comics, the character herself was a mutant with the power to create a “bio-field” around her body to prevent harm.

After that, the trailer gives us a better image of Danielle Moonstar:

“Look, I just came here to get my tonsils out, I didn’t expect things to be so spooky. Can I go now?”

In the comics, Dani was known as “Mirage” and had the power of psychic projection — she could pull images out of people’s minds and make them into three-dimensional holograms. When she started out, the only thing she could pull was someone “deepest fears,” however, which is what I suspect is happening in the film — she might be subconsciously turning everything into a horror film, which would be very interesting.

After Dani, we get to see the other New Mutants one by one, starting with Illyana Rasputin/“Magik,” played by Anya Taylor-Joy:

“Yes, I was in The Witch and now I’m playing a mutant witch, but I’m not getting typecast. I mean, in one movie, I was totally a vampire.”

I have to admit, I’m a little worried about their portrayal of Illyana, because she is one of my favorite X-Men characters; however, she has such a complicated history. She has literal magic powers and a magic sword made from her own soul...but her mutant powers are actually creating “stepping disks” that can teleport people to other locations through Limbo. I suspect they might change this so that her mutant powers look like magic, since they probably don’t want to introduce actual magic and demons into the X-Men universe.

Illyana is also the sister of Piotr Rasputin, Colossus, whom we’ve already seen in the X-Men films and Deadpool, but I have no idea if they will mention this or even when this movie takes place.


After Illyana, we see Roberto da Costa/“Sunspot,” played by Henry Zaga:

“Why am I walking in a dark hallway? Don’t my powers work via the sun? I’m totally going to die, aren’t I?”

In the comics, Roberto is actually Afro-Brazilian and, even though he came from a wealthy family, he was still the subject of racial slurs in his hometown.

Next up is Rahne Sinclar/“Wolfsbane,” played by Maisie “I am Arya Goddamn Stark” Williams:

Yes, Rahne is Scottish and Maisie is English. I don’t care. She’s awesome and this will be awesome.

Rahne is a Scottish mutant with the ability to transform into a wolf — which, I will admit, is a very horror-movie-esque ability.

After Rahne, we see Sam Guthrie/“Cannonball,” played by Charlie Heaton:

“Dammit, we just defeated the Demogorgon and now this shit?”

And then there is this moment:

“Ahhhhh! I just wanted to do my laundry! I only had one pair of clean underwear and I ruined that, too!”

Which I’m guessing, but might be a sign that we will see Magma, too.

So there we go. In listing all the characters, I did notice that almost all of them do fit pretty well in a horror movie: we have a girl who can pull the darkest fears out of people, an actual sorcerer, a werewolf, and...then we have Cannonball and Sunspot. So I guess only the women get spooky powers. But that’s okay, because we might also get Cannonball’s and Sunspot’s epic bromance, too.

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