Marvel’s Secret Wars has been a lot of fun so far, and you can tell a lot of the writers are having a lot of fun with it too. In this week’s issue of Seige #2, Marvel gives a little wink to their friends/competitors at Image comics.

To set it up, Siege takes place on a wall called The Shield where outcasts and criminals defend it against zombie hordes, Ultron robot swarms, and Annihulus waves. Its basically the Wall from Game of Thrones. Two new girls are Kate Bishop and America Chavez. Kate is from the 1602 land (Appearing first in Secret Wars Journal #1) and was banished to The Shield for playing Robinhood. America is from A-Force #1 and was banished for bouncing a megalodon off a wall and into the next kingdom. Here they are running to their first battle against a bunch of Ultrons.


My photos are a bit blury so here is what is said:

Kate: I fear nothing! I step into the breach with nothing but joy in my heart!

Scary Blue Cats: Lying. She’s totally- lying with- every part- of her- body. She is- PETRIFIED.


America: Kitty Pride! Give the girl a break!

There you have it, Kate Bishop gets called out by Lying Cat who is actually Kitty Pryde, who happens to be a literal pride of kitties. I fucking love Secret Wars.