Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A Mighty Rage

So. Iron Man 3. Out on Thursday here in the UK.

Was gonna pull a sickie and go see it.

Not any more.

A 'friend' in the office thought it would be highly amusing to mention out loud and in front of the senior staff that IM3 would be out then and I would be stuck in the office working instead.


Now the timetable is out there and there's no chance I can get away with a 'sick day'.

This usually wouldn't be a problem; my place is pretty good about taking random days off as long as the work schedule is light/clear. Sadly, we're up to the eyeballs and my moral compass needed that thin sliver of ignorance from the boss as a shield in order to 'not care'.

So now i'm working on thursday and not seeing IM3 until sunday.



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