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A moment we’ve been waiting to see on this week’s Helix

No, not this moment shown though Peter and Anne should just go ahead and get a room. On this week's episode of Helix Kyle finally gets a clue, Amy takes some bold steps but Michael is the one with the big moment. Spoilers ahead.

Anne and the CDC doctors find the bodies in the abbey accompanied by the song stylings of the Almanac Singers. Peter tries to comfort Anne. He's been ineffectual as a CDC doctor (Sarah tells Peter he was "just keeping Alan's chair warm") and she's been ineffectual as Michael's right hand so they deserve each other. Peter and Alan have their usual fistfight greeting then the Coast Guard shows up. The pathogen has spread, the doctors are needed elsewhere and what's left of the islanders are to be evacuated.


No, this isn't the moment either. What the hell is wrong with you? Amy seems to have a change of heart about the planting ritual. Of course it's a ruse to get out of the case and stage a coup. She has Michael tossed into the pit and seals it up with Michael inside.

Nope, not the moment though it's one that needed to happen sooner or later. Last week I mentioned that several characters would benefit if they talked and shared information. Kyle finally finds out about the silver-eye Immortals but it takes a lot to convince him. Sarah has to eat some of the bad honey to finally convince him.


The Coast Guard troops shot an infected person who Sarah recognizes as one she shot five days ago. Since he should have already been dead Alan wants to do an autopsy to find out how the infectee survived so long. The results provide a lead to a possible cure. Kyle, Alan and the Coast Guard head out of the compound to follow up.

Amy is making herself comfortable in Michael's office when Anne confronts her. Amy makes it clear she's in charge. Michael's photo is on the Wall of Eww to emphasize her point.


In the future Julia is walking through the ruins of the abbey when she hears a tapping, as if someone is trapped underground. She frees Michael from the pit. He is bearded and bedraggled but Michael is still a prick. He shoves Julia off a cliff. As she dangles Michael pontificates until Caleb slices his head off with Hatake's sword.


Yes, this was the moment I was talking about. Michael's story is done except for possible flashbacks. Vade in pace indeed.

One last bit WTFery for this episode. Sarah visits Amy, who admits she has Sarah's baby. Amy will give it back to Sarah for a price...immortality.


Assorted thoughts:

  • Peter mentions he has "associates coming to the island soon." Is it Ilaria or the Julia/Mlle Durant faction?
  • Beheading is popular with the silver-eyes. It is one sure method of killing them.
  • Is Sarah's baby still stuck as a fetus (since it has silver eyes) or will it grow up to be Caleb? Or is there a third option?
  • The Coast Guard commanding officer really wants nothing to do with the "shit show" going on. Unfortunately bad things happen to sensible people on this show.

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