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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A mostly forgotten moment of history

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On 22 May 1969 the Lunar Module of Apollo 10 flew within 50,000 feet of the Moon's surface. The mission was essentially a rehearsal for the Apollo 11 landing.


The Command Module and Lunar Module pilots - John Young and Eugene Cernan - would later become two of only three people to make two separate trips to the Moon as the mission commanders of Apollo 16 & 17 respectively. You should be able to guess who the third is. (Hint: he was played by Tim Daly in an HBO miniseries.)

As the Command Module pilot, John Young was the first person to orbit the Moon alone, one of his many achievements. He was on the first manned Gemini mission (Gemini 3) and commanded the first Space Shuttle flight.

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