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A Police Box lands in Dorset - and it's nothing to do with Doctor Who

Okay, so it sort of is - Dorset Police are hoping the Box's association with Doctor Who might pull in a few Whovian tourists - but today's unveiling of an actual Police Call Box wasn't to drum up excitement for Series 8, but to help cut crime in the area.


The call box, based in the Boscombe precinct in Bournemouth, is meant to aid the public by giving the police a stronger visual presence in the area following complaints by the local community in regards to the level of crime and anti-social disorder. During the day the police box will be staffed by an Officer, and at other times the public will be able to use the box's phone to contact the Police. It' is now only one of two operating Police Call Boxes in the UK, once a common sight across the country in the 20th century - the other being the famous box just outside Earl's Court Station in London.

Oddly enough, while similar to it, none of Doctor Who's TARDIS designs have ever faithfully recreated the design adopted by the Police for its boxes - and the design that inspired Boscombe's new Police Box - based on the model created by Gilbert Mackenzie Trench for the Metropolitan Police in 1929.

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