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I'm working on a new script with the theme of love, how complicated, free-flowing and strange it is, with teenaged characters. In it, there's this girl who is in love with her gay best friend. Do you think this is plausible?

I recently finished the scriptment for the first act of it and am planning to bring a friend along to help write the rest, but the friend was so opposed to this particular nugget and we had a rather interesting, long-winded conversation about it; the friend (keeping gender out of the picture here) thought it was ludicrous and almost gave me an ultimatum that I either remove it or the friend wouldn't help me. I really don't agree with her, seeing as I'm gay but have fallen for so many straight men, so why can't it work the other way around?

Anyway, just interested in hearing your thoughts regarding it. And yes, it's 3AM here and I'm still up. Shut up. I'm writing.


EDIT: Now that you've answered the question elegantly and beautifully, I can tell you the sex of my friend (didn't want it to cloud your answers); It's a woman. And I realize now that I'd already slipped it in the above post. Well, shit.

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