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A question about space

This has been on my mind today, though I have no idea how I started to think about this. Does anyone know what happens to you if you die in space?

Specifically, would you decay?

There's no oxygen and I'd assume there would be no chemicals that would break you down or let you rot, but I'm not sure. Would the coldness of space preserve you? (Is space even cold enough to do that?). Would you decay if you were just dead without a space suit on, say in your shuttle? What happened if you were in your space suit and got flung into space and died (would you starve to death or asphyxiate?) . If some guy in a space ship a hundred years later ran into your space suit and opened it, would you be a skeleton? Would you perhaps be mummified?


(I think the reason my brain is thinking about this is I learned about how Everest is basically littered with bodies of mountaineers and they haven't decayed because of the cold. But if you drown in the ocean, say like in the Titanic, you don't even have bones left at the bottom of the sea. My brain is like "what? A. Why would you EVER climb Everest with that knowledge? and B. So... do bodies just NOT decay/mummify in some instances? Really?).

So c'mon ODeck, gimme some answers.

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