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A question of costumes.

So I'm a traditional comic geek; I like my heroes to have bright-colored spandex.

Having lived through the engrimmening of the 90s, when everyone got shoulder pads, armor, guns and pouches, I've not liked the continuing direction that the industry has gone in since then. For me, the absolute worst offender is DC's New 52, with absolutely everyone sporting armor of some kind.


Why on earth does Superman need armor? Why does Green Lantern need armor? Why the hell does the Flash need armor?!

(And yet Wonder Woman STILL wears panties that would clearly show her bits if she were to kick anyone.)

I hated the Ultimate Marvel universe's take on costumes:


Where everything had to be armored or in some way practical. Look at Cap's helmet.


Granted, the artists did tone it down over time in some cases, but the armored-padded-wearing pouches thing never quite went away.


Now we come to the modern Marvel era, where we're re-imagining hero costumes left and right, and I've got to say, I don't completely hate all of them.

Take the Superior Spider-Man, for instance.


While I'm not a fan of the weird arachnid-spider leg things he wears on his back, I do like the artistic direction of the costume. It reflects the change the character has undergone and I actually hope that after the story arc wraps and Peter somehow drives Ock out of his head, that he'll keep some of the changes Ock made while he was in charge.

Likewise, I like the design of the current Fantastic Four costumes:


It feels that, on the whole, the Marvel U is going for an overhaul with their designs that hearkens back to a cleaner, fresher age in an attempt to make their aging characters more relevant.

I'm going to stay away from the cinematic universes of the Big Two, as armored costumes have always seemed to be there thing (barring Chris Reeve's Superman costume,) so my question to you is, what is your personal preference? Do you go for the spandex look, the armored look, or somewhere in between? (I realize, of course, that some characters have ALWAYS worn armor, but I hope I was able to articulate what I was trying to get across, as in the ones who didn't previously wear armor switching over to a more armored look.)

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