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A Quick PSA...

From an art school success story, transmitted via an art school success-pending story (i.e. me): Don't go to Art School

I don't know what it's like having to look at college these days, since I only have the gift of hindsight on that front, but when I "knew" what I wanted to do, but knew absolutely nothing of what learning to do it entailed, I couldn't possibly have made an educated decision. If the resources described here existed in 2007, I certainly had no idea that they did. You can get this sort of education without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, and either way, you'll probably be relying on these sorts of resources even if you're at art school.

Don't make my [it remains to be seen if it actually is one, though it often feels like a] mistake , or if you do, at least do so having read this, and maybe spend a year or two having fun, exploring the world, trying a bajillion different things to make sure this is really what you want to do.


And for the love of God, whatever you want to learn, never forget that your teachers can't possibly know everything. You're going to be resorting to the internet for help more often than not, or else you're going to be 'lucky' to squeak by with C's.

Pass on the good word, if you, or someone you know wants to be a professional artist. This world needs artists, and we need to protect them from the student loan debt the rest of us are going to take to our deathbeds, and God knows, too many of them are going to be too gung ho about things like animation tables from Disney's old animation studios to look at the real details, ask about the curriculum, and figure out exactly what they're getting themselves into.

"Art is a wonderful, beautiful, fulfilling pursuit. Don’t ruin it with a mountain of debt."

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