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A real home fire for the Coal Hill Gang? (Updated)

I don’t want to say too much about the sixth episode of Class. You need to jump in and watch it unencumbered, take the rough and the smooth as it comes. Inadvertent spoilers might follow.

Apparently the BBC have ordered a second series of Class, but for the moment, after this episode, Detained, we have just two more weeks. The Coal Hill Gang are in detention for unspecified reasons. This seems to be a device to keep them out of Miss Quill’s hair.


So we have five kids in a box stewing in a box with the added complication of a lump of smoldering space coal. Somebody get them a satsuma. There are recriminations, revelations and a Narnia gag that is almost funny. I wonder if it might have been more intense if staged as an improvised workshop production rather than scripted drama. Real teenagers are considerably more whiny.

No surprise, they get out at the end of the episode and next week we find out what Miss Quill has been up to. And after that we get to stoke the embers for the finale.

UPDATE: Class episode 6 is currently the 37th most popular show on iPlayer, so lower than Bing (multiple listings there) and Topsy and Tim but higher than The Apprentice with Honest Subtitles. The top show is the third episode of Planet Earth II.

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