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A Requiem for True Blood: What Went Wrong

On Sunday, the final season of True Blood premieres on HBO. I'll be taking a look back at what went right and what went wrong over the past six seasons. A lot of this involves book to show comparison.

What Went Wrong

The Fairies

Equally loathed by most book and show lovers, the Fae have been a point of contention in both series. But I would argue that the show did a much worse job than the books. Sookie's 'light'? The magical Bellefleur quadruplets? The ridiculous fairy nightclub? The entire Warlow plotline? I would have much rather had Claudine and Claude from the books (to a point). As well, Ryan Kwanten is such a fantastic actor, I was really looking to seeing him portray his fairy doppelganger Dermot.



Hotshot is one of the most fascinating communities in the books. An insular, tight-knit family of werepanthers, they stick to an old code of discipline and reproduction. However, on the show, they're played up as incestuous, meth-cooking hicks. Calvin Norris, a dignified and respected leader, is nothing more than a redneck druggie, referred to as 'Uncle Father' by his kin. Like Sam's birth family, the people of Hotshot serve as nothing more than white trash stereotypes for viewers' amusement.

The Mary Ann Storyline

I think Michelle Forbes is an amazing actress. I'm so excited she's now on Orphan Black. But this storyline was just terrible. Although I do appreciate the glorious shot of Mehcad Brooks' ass.


King Bill

I know why Queen Sophie-Anne was killed off and Bill was installed as King (so Stephen Moyer had lots of screentime, yada yada), but I really didn't like it and frankly, it didn't make much sense. Why would the King of Louisiana live in tiny Bon Temps instead of New Orleans? It's already the political and cultural power base of the vampires in the state. Plus, you've already got Sheriff Eric overseeing Area 5 (which includes Bon Temps) from Shreveport. If they'd moved Bill to New Orleans, I might have been able to get behind it, but really. Should have gone to Peru, Bill.


Sookie Has No Bloodtype/Sookie Constantly Drinking The V

How is Sookie not an addict? She is constantly being fed vampire blood yet somehow remains unbonded and unaddicted. Yet Jason and other characters get hooked on V after consuming a comparatively small amount. One of the things I love about Sookie in the books is that she's constantly worried about the astronomical hospital bills she's been racking up for hanging with vampires. She even goes through rigorous PT after a particularly gruesome kidnapping and torture session (and that's after Eric almost drains himself to help heal her). It's hard to believe that she isn't a mindless fangbanger after the amount of blood she's consumed. Also the no bloodtype thing is just silly.


Were/Shifter Coming Out

Despite Luna's dramatic onscreen transformation at the end of Season Five, the Weres/Shifters have yet to come out. This was a really interesting storyline in the books and led indirectly to all sorts of wonderful, juicy stuff. However, that just hasn't been realized on the show and I think it's a waste. Instead of the ridiculous Billith/Warlow storylines, we could have shown the political climate changing yet again with another supernatural group in the open.


Lilith/The Vampire Bible/Billith

Possibly the stupidest storyline in the history of everything. So much no.


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