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A Shepard by any other name would smell as sweet

What's in a name for the galaxy's favourite Commander? According to data revealed by Bioware today, quite a lot - and although the most popular names for Commander Shepard were the defaults of John and Jane, for those that chose a name of their own there were a few popular choices.


This handy infographic released on the Bioware Blog today - because we're all in desperate need of Mass Effect 3 metadata over two years after launch - revealed the top 5 custom names for Shepards of either gender. Sarah, Kate, Alice, and Jessica for FemSheps, Jack, James, Chris, and Michael for Brosheps, with the gender-neutral Alex making appearances for both. It's no surprises though, that John and Jane remained the most popular names for the good Commander, considering the vast majority of Mass Effect players often chose to stick with the default Shepards rather than create their own.

I kind of like that neither of my Shepard's names show up in the top five - Lucas (because I like the name and use it in pretty much every RPG where I'm a human) and Jennifer (partially inspired by the First Lady of video game VO, Jennifer Hale). Makes them feel a little more unique. What were the names you chose for your Commander Shepards?

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