Welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread and if you can’t tell from the picture above today is going to be quite a political themed one, mainly of me venting my anger, so if that doesn’t interest you then you may want to scroll to the bottom.

Yesterday saw Local Elections throughout the UK, with Council elections in parts of England, full votes on the Scottish and Welsh governments, and voting for the next Mayor of London, and so far it has been an utter shitshow in no uncertain proportions. Despite only a week ago being in a perfect position to take on the Conservatives, who are currently divided and fractured over issues like the EU and are increasingly unpopular due to issues like the NHS Junior Doctor’s Strike and attempts to re-allow fox hunting, Labour fumbled the ball after an antisemitism row blew up in their face when Ken Livingstone, a man Jeremy Corbyn (leader of Labour) brought back in from the political wilderness, promptly called Hitler a Zionist before he ‘went a bit mad’.


Along with this mess Corbyn’s idea that people who had previously not or stopped voting, groups like Students, blue-collar workers, and basically the poor, would turn out for him didn’t happen. When I went to my assigned Polling Station in the middle of the afternoon (which covered an entire Student Halls of Residence) whether they’d seen any students their reply was ‘none’. For-mentioned students were too busy sunbathing in a carpark it turned out.

As a result what we have seen is Labour, who after the 2010 General Election for the 2011 Local Elections took significant increases in Councillors in England, small losses to the SNP in Scotland, and gained in the Welsh Assembly, have now lost about 2 dozen Councillors, saw major losses in Scotland that saw the Conservatives become the opposition there, and lost a seat in Wales.

Despite all this though apparently Corbyn’s leadership isn’t to blame. Instead it appears due to leaked memos the leadership had been preparing excuses in advance (e.g. “Building a platform for future success” type BS) and left right and centre his fans are blaming the Press, Big Business, “Blairites” etc when in reality it seems fairly simple IMO; Corbyn pinned his hopes on groups who don’t vote suddenly voting (they didn’t) and his handling of the antisemitism issue has seen some of those who normally vote Labour turn away as a result.

Rant Over

Anyway so that’s what happened this week. Have any of you guys had major annoyances this week. What are your plans for this weekend.