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A somewhat volatile question for the women (and men, too) of O-Deck

I wonder if you all would react as I did when I got roped into a gun control discussion on a friend's Facebook page.

Some clown he knows via an organization he belongs to is all pro-gun/civil rights/2nd Amendment/ etc etc. That's fine, be pro guns, whatever. But my stance is there should be stricter gun laws. If you're a responsible gun owner, I would think stricter laws would be something you would favor... because you're a responsible gun owner.


So... the discussion goes on, I present my viewpoints, others chime in, it is at times heated but pretty much respectful. I brought up the point that firearms are usually the end of a discussion, not the beginning of one. And then this pro-gun guy goes all into this (and I have to put the quote here exactly as he wrote it): "Oh so women who are being raped talk their way out of it?"

Yep, the pro-gun white middle aged guy thinks he knows what rape is all about. At that point, I shook my head in disbelief, pointed out that he (and I) know NOTHING of that topic, really, and why would you even think that was something to bring up to support your pro-gun agenda? It just showed a level of ignorance that astounds me.

Yeah, I'm shocked and angry. Your thoughts? I'm interested to see if anybody else has run into this sort of insane thinking.

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