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A Supernatural Question

I started watching Supernatural sometime last year and just finished Season 5. (I’m not a binge watcher so averaged maybe four episodes a week). After watching the Season 5 finale I’m wondering if I should keep watching the show. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the first five seasons.

“Swan Song” works great as a series finale (even with the last few seconds when Sam mysteriously returns from Hell) and I would be fine if that was the end. I was watching more for the Apocalypse story than the characters. (Yes, I’m aware of the behind the scenes stuff involved with Season 5 and the finale so I don’t need a rehash of that. But I’m sure someone will do it anyway.)


I’m not particularly attached to the Winchester brothers. If the following seasons are just more variations on “one brother keeps a secret leading to a big sacrifice then they make up” then I may end up dropping it. As things stand now Supernatural will stay in my instant watch queue but at a low priority behind watching my weekly episode of Murder, She Wrote.

I’m okay with spoilers if you need them to make your point. I’m not invested enough in the show for them to be an issue.

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