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A Taste of Orphan Black

Thanks to a short appreciation post on Clashtalk for Orphan Black, I see that the first episode is available for free streaming or download from Amazon. Because I don't have BBC-A, tonight I'm planning to get a sample of the fuss.

As for the rest, as I said in my comment to the other post, I personally consider $2.99 pretty steep for a television show and I've never bought a season of anything. Obviously others feel differently, otherwise the price would be lower or the show would already be on Hulu or Netflix for me to see.


A free stream is great and I thought others might want to know.

Edit: In the comments, the good @Dr Emilio Lizardo showed me that I was looking at the Hi-Def version and the Standard Version is also free for the first episode, then $9.99 for the rest.

That's a price to which I can agree.

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