I am an unashamed fanboy of Starkid, the musical theater group responsible for Youtube hits like A Very Potter Musical, Holy Musical B@tman!, or Starship. I have watched all of their productions, most of them multiple times. I own a CD of their New York performance of The Space Tour. I took a weekend trip to Austin so I could see them in person for the Apocalyptour.

They have just posted A Very Potter Senior Year to youtube, the third and final installment in their Harry Potter musical parody trilogy, and I am thrilled beyond words right now.

Thought you all should know.

(Note that, due to demands on some of the cast, this is a very rough, live reading of the play, performed at Leakycon last year. Also note that THAT'S THE ACTUAL ACTRESS WHO PLAYED LUNA IN THE MOVIES OH MY GOD HOW COOL IS THAT?!)