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Today, as many of you know, is April Fool's Day. But for me that is of secondary importance, because it also happens to by my birthday.

My relationship with April Fool's Day is an oddly casual one. I rarely take party in any pranks or hoaxes, but I do appreciate some of the more clever and genuinely funny ones put on by others. The fact that my birthday happens to fall on the same day as April Fool's Day rarely actually results in any convergence between the two events and although people frequently suppose I must be the butt of many an unfortunate joke on my birthday, the truth is that I can't recall ever being pranked in such a way (except once when my brother pretended to give me the regular retail version of Heart of the Swarm before revealing he'd actually gotten me the collector's edition). The truth is that my birthday almost never has anything to do with April Fool's Day.


Of course, sometimes I do have to insist that my birthday really is today and that I'm not just pulling a prank but I've noticed people do tend to usually take me at my word (and it probably helps that I answer honestly whenever anyone asks me what my birthday is at any time of the year). Which is something I'm sure Anne McCaffrey, Samuel Delany, Susan Boyle, and Asa Butterfield can relate to.

My plans for today are fairly modest (as they usually tend to be). I'll probably be visiting the eldest of my two brothers (who recently got into an accident but is doing okay) and spending some time entertaining myself in various ways (I'll probably catch up on last night's Agents of SHIELD, work on my writing, and maybe get in a little gaming). The chief celebration won't be until my weekend, when my family will be getting together for something a little more serious. Either way though, I'm thankful to have such an apparently* unique birthday as well as friends and family that are awesome enough to celebrate it without turning it into a sport.

*I imagine it's actually no less common than March 31 or April 2, but it sticks out in the mind, like a birthday on December 25 or October 31.

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