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About Marcia Lucas...

I’ve seen references to Marcia Lucas lately but I must have missed a memo somewhere because I never knew a thing about her. This piece lays it ALL out. It’s completely fascinating and I had no idea about her contributions to Star Wars or the film industry. (She edited Taxi Driver for crying out loud. I knew all about Thelma Schoonaker but not Marcia.) It’s not a complimentary fangirl piece either, it’s brutally honest about both Marcia and George so it won’t be an easy read if you have George on a pedestal.

The Secret History of Star Wars

Like, wow, I remember watching the 60 Minutes profiles on George Lucas and he did state that he was raising his kids alone, I distinctly remember thinking his wife must be dead and how did I never hear about that. (I also remember seeing Amanda Lucas as a ten year old and now she’s an MMA fighter. A friend of mine thinks she is trying to be a jedi knight as only the real world will allow.)


And because I like to wallow in the mud that is Hollywood gossip...I wonder why Scorcese dropped Marcia as his editor all of a sudden. Pressure from Lucas and Coppola, except this was right before the divorce, or...an affair gone bad? Yes, sorry, I went there. I’m only human.

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