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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Molly.......Oh Lovely Molly.........

This week's movie is the 2011 film Lovely Molly, directed by Eduardo Sanchez, who also directed The Blair Witch Project, and starring Gretchen Lodge as the Molly in the title. I loved the movie, and found it to be just as disturbing and unnerving the second time I watched it as the first. After watching it, every time I was about to fall asleep, I would hear her father singing the "Lovely Molly" song in my head and obviously sleep did not happen. Anyway, on to the discussion!


As before, I will post my questions here and then down in the comments to start the conversation. Anyone who has something that they want to discuss is more than welcome to post questions of their own. One thing I will be doing differently is bolding the questions to make them stand out a little more. It's my thing, I don't know if it will work, but let's try! Here are my initial questions:

  • First, obviously, what did you think of the movie?
  • Do you think there was ever a "real" Molly? I believe that the Molly we see at the start of the film was created by the doctors that treated her after her father died and forced/helped her bury her memories, and the Molly we see as the movie progresses is a creation of her father's evil. Anyone agree or see something different?
  • Do you classify it as a haunted house movie or a possession movie?
  • What do you think was the point of no return for Molly?
  • When did you start believing Molly? During my first viewing I did not believe at all and obviously the ending came as a great shock. I curious to hear how others experienced it.
  • What was your scariest moment watching the film?
  • I thought the reason they could not see the demon was because those around her refused to acknowledge what was happened concerning Molly and her father. What do you think?
  • Lies and silence played a big role in creating the situation that Molly found herself in. It was interesting how the demon used the truth in the movie. Any thoughts?
  • There is a lot of nudity and sex in the movie but the way it is used struck something in me that I can't quite articulate. Anyone notice this/actually put the thoughts into words?
  • In terms of helping Molly, the people around her discuss her and talk at her a lot in the movie. I'm especially thinking of the scene where Tim took her to the Doctor. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  • Why do you think Molly fixated on the "Mall Woman" and her family? Was it just because of her relationship with Molly's husband or do you think it was something more?
  • Why do you think Hannah finally "saw" in the end?
  • I feel like there were issues of class present in the movie along with everything else. Anyone else see this?
  • What did you think of the ending?

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