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I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition at the moment and I'm in my second play through. However it wasn't until now that it hit me that Sera has a Derbyshire accent.

Some of you are at the moment are probably going, "duh, the actor is from Derbyshire so yeah, she'll likely have the accent". I realize that. It's just that it is not an accent which you hear if at all in American (both USA and Canadian) and some local media and I'm surprised she wasn't made/forced into changing it like David Tennant, Jason Isaacs, Hugh Laurie etc have to make it more "English".


It's something many of us don't really think about it but when you actually think about it, you barely hear any British accents apart from Glaswegian (which is always just called Scottish by many), Cockney, Yorkshire (mostly thanks to Sean Bean), stereotypical Irish and posh British.

I can't remember the last time I heard Dumfriesshire or a Cumbrian accent (which I've noticed Kinja's spell checker keep calling made-up words) in American works as well as Shetland, Geordie, Scouser or Midlands. Welsh, or more specifically southern Welsh like Swansea sometimes appears but a lot mistake it with Irish (like Merrill from Dragon Age 2).

Now you could and very easily argue that British accents are better represented in American Film then say French or Italian accents and dialects. In fact you could easily argue that many American and Canadian accents and dialects are not represented in the media. This is all completely true and I fully admit I can't tell the difference between French accents.

This leads to the question of do films need to better representation of accents, especially if they are set in a location with a specific accent? Do people care enough about accents to see more? Then of course the important question is do people want to hear more?


Is there any accents or dialects you feel that you feel should be more prominent in the media or have you ever heard someone in a game/film/TV series and was surprised to hear a particular accent? Do you think media should have more accents.

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