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Actual Conversation With My Boyfriend (No, I Wasn't Drunk)

My boyfriend flew to Fairbanks, Alaska yesterday because he has some time off work and has flight benefits through his job. He also has a shiny new camera and lenses and really really wanted to take some pictures of the aurora (he's a good amateur photographer - you can see some of his pictures of the Perseids here).


So last night after he got in, we had a quick online chat just to check in with each other. Here's how that went:

Him: Well, I'd better sign off so that I can go grab a bite to eat.

Me: Are you going to have moose testicles?

Him: WHAT?!

Me: I think this is a reasonable question. You've eaten bull testicles before.

[He really has. They're called Rocky Mountain Oysters.]

Him: NO, I'm not having moose testicles.

Me: You might not get another chance. And you're in Alaska.

Him: While I'm hungry, I'm not THAT hungry.

Me: Okay, it was just a suggestion.

Him: I've got to go. Everything closes early here and the hotel restaurant is really pricey.

Me: Okay, talk to you later.

Him: I think there's a random Italian place down the road.

Me: Do they serve moose testicles?


That's when he ended the conversation.

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