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Actual M. Night Shyamalan Projects Now Indistinguishable From Parody

The Onion's AV Club — the actual pop-culture news and commentary site, and not its satirical parent publication — reports that M. Night Shyamalan has reunited with his former Sixth Sense star Bruce Willis to work on a new movie about the supernatural. And no, it's not Unbreakable 2: The Unbreakening.

The working title is Labor of Love, based on a screenplay Shyamalan wrote over twenty years ago. A quick rundown of the plot:

In it, Willis would play a bookstore owner who loses his wife in an accident, then starts to see dead people's emotional needs: "Haunted by the notion that he never properly told his wife how much he loved her," Willis sets out to prove it by walking across the country for her, something she'd once asked him to do—presumably, purely hypothetically.


I'm just going to call it early: All robots. There, saved you $12.

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