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Adapt This: Iron Man- Armor Wars

It seems like every other project we see on TV or film currently is an adaptation of one sort or another. With so many of these starting to loop around to themselves, and rebooting an adaption and so on, it’s getting harder and harder to find new material that would be great on screen. Well, I thought I could help. If film execs read this. Maybe. :-)

I’m picking low-hanging fruit for this one. This is one of Iron Man’s two most famous stories that haven’t been adapted yet. The other- Demon in the Bottle- is a great story about Tony’s alcoholism that I think could be adapted and turn out awesome, but unfortunately I think it’s unlikely to happen. It tarnishes Tony’s image, and unfortunately, Marvel Studios may balk at the thought of a film with their crown jewel as an out-of-control boozehound.


Armor Wars, however, is an awesome action story about corporate espionage, a man’s legacy, and his battle with his own hubris. The story ran in Iron Man volume 1, issues #225 through #232. Some of the themes and story threads of this story were explored a bit in Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, but there’s plenty of material left here for an entire film adaptation.

At the beginning of the story, Tony has just taken in a former criminal named Clay Wilson, who used a force-field generating armor designed in part by Justin Hammer. In working on Clay’s “Force” armor, Tony discovers elements of his own technology and design. He investigates this further, and learns that a villain called the Spymaster has broken into his facilities, stolen Iron Man design secrets and sold them to Hammer.

Tony is horrified to learn that his designs and tech have popped up all over the world. Villains like Stilt-Man, the Controller, and the Beetle are using his designs, as are heroes and even government agents such as Stingray, the Mandroids, and the Guardsmen. Tony launches a campaign to not just stop the villains, but to completely disable the tech he designed, no matter who is using it.


For his actions in this campaign, Iron Man (whose identity was a secret at the time) was branded a criminal. A young boy was accidentally killed in a battle with the Controller. The Gremlin, a Russian special agent, was killed when Tony’s boot rockets accidentally roasted him inside the Titanium Man armor. He attacked SHIELD and

It eventually came down to Tony and Rhodey faking Iron Man’s death in a fight with an out of control government agent called Firepower. They debuted a “new” Iron Man shortly afterwards, and stopped Firepower.


With much of his tech disabled, Tony was more at peace and moved forward with his life.

After Age of Ultron, the time is right for this story to be adapted.


Tony is becoming more cocky and reckless. His hubris almost caused an extinction level event. He’s left the Avengers because of it. It’s a perfect time for Tony to do some introspection. Maybe in the course of that, he notices some of the villains popping up in the world are using familiar tech.

He takes several down, tears their suits apart, and recognizes his own designs: Stark Enterprises components, Iron Man designs, maybe even an arc reactor or two.


With that, Iron Man goes to war.

Now of course, this all depends on the results of Captain America: Civil War. We don’t know what the state of Iron Man or Tony Stark will be afterwards. However, it would be easy to see this story happen, as long as Tony Stark is still around.


What do you think? Would you like to see a big screen version of the Armor Wars?

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