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ADB and Fastboot for some...

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Since I'm going to potentially do a monthly (although maybe weekly) post related to more "difficult" tinkering that can be done with Android devices, it is beyond awesome and relevant that Lifehacker just posted the following earlier today.

This is quite possibly the easiest methods to get ADB and Fastboot setup on any OS. I am not even joking, the process for setting up ADB/Fastboot on Windows machines for sure used to be rather tedious and time consuming and don't even get me started on the difficulties we had early on when Windows 8 and then 8.1 came out. Those by and large have been solved and simplified, but they were pain for awhile. So it's nice to see things like this being released.


Read on and get to downloading and installing if you've got any interest whatsoever in really getting down and dirty with your Android devices.

As for what you can do with ADB/Fastboot, you can see two examples in the Command Prompt window included in the post.

adb reboot-bootloader

fastboot devices

The two of those are but two commands you can run.

The former would be sent while your device is booted normally and it basically reboots your device into it's bootloader, this is where you'd want it to be to get down to the really fun stuff you can do with ADB/Fastboot.


The latter ensures that your device is connected and being read by your computer. If you're not seeing a serial number and device model being listed then it means you've got issues. If it does come up though it means you can get to the fun stuff. (Like installing a custom recovery which opens up an even larger world of possibilities.)

So yeah, pretty informative and helpful post.

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