Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Those that refresh Odeck throughout the day probably noticed something today; DISAPPEARING posts that were shared to Odeck. Follow me after the jump for insight why, and a little transparency.

  • A post from io9’s mainpage. Entirely redundant to share it to Odeck. These posts will always be unshared.
  • A post reviewing shows not yet released seen via dubious means. I’m not going to begrudge any person trying to watch something that is otherwise unobtainable to them via legit means.* I draw the line at talking about things not yet publicly released anywhere and explicitly mentioning the dubious means to view them.
  • Some other post earlier today that I can’t even recall anymore, likely because it wasn’t a good fit for Odeck due to relevance. Edit: It was the Takei post, removed because also on io9’s mainpage, even if it originally appeared elsewhere. Wow, my memory is shot.

If you want any further clarifications hit me up in the comments.

*This is by no means a hard and fast statement as the whole issue is a grey area.


Separate Note: Work is a tire fire right now and I may be in traffic once I actually leave work. I’ll answer any questions when I have the chance.

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