Last year, for April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim dropped the Season 3 Premiere for “Rick and Morty” as a fantastic surprise. This year, starting at midnight, instead of the regularly scheduled episode of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, an entirely different anime started airing instead! Not only that, but the name of this other show was not subtititled, so I have no idea what the name of the anime series (or possibly movie) it even is.

Instead of seeing this:

We see this:

And instead of getting the hashtagged name of the show in English like this:


We get this:

The Toonami Block typically ends at 4 a.m., so there are still 3.5 hours left of unknown “April Fool’s” worth of anime (or whatever they show). I’m liking the idea so far! It’s a good way to be exposed to new anime series, and I’m sure the “subbed never dubbed” purists are enjoying the schadenfreude that comes from knowing that there are many, many people who prefere not having to read subtitles for 4 hours straight. Even better, people fluent in Japanese actually can read the title of the show and know exactly what shows are being aired.


If anyone knows Japanese, I’d love to know what these shows are so that I can find them later on Crunchyroll, and I bet others will too.

And, hey, Toonami. Thanks for kicking so much ass.

Thanks, Toonami! You are a weekly oasis of awesome and a Saturday night staple.


Update: Yes, after the first subtitled episode aired, an episode of another unfamiliar show started:

Toonami’s robotic “host” TOM (Toonami Operations Module) is also speaking Japanese with subtitles. The name of the second show on right now (12:30-1:00) is called “Mind Game” in English.


I think that says it all. “Mind Game”. Nice one, TOM. Nice one. Whether that’s actually the name of the show, or just you announcing that you’re playing a mind game with us, or both: you win. As usual, you win April Fool’s day again, Adult Swim. That makes two years in a row.