I was just reading about the inevitability of The Great Escape being shown over Christmas - except it isn’t. Unless Sky have given the film its own channel of multi-play screenings that aren’t repeats, Steve McQueen’s finest(?) hour has only been shown twice on the Beeb during the Festive Season.

However, The Great Escape is the third most popular choice for the film British families wish would be shown at Christmas. The top choice was It’s A Wonderful Life followed by The Wizard of Oz. The folks answering that Freeview poll in 2009 also reckoned that ET was the perfect movie to round out Christmas Day with Indiana Jones (unspecified), Star Wars and Back to the Future close behind. Apply salt and season to taste.

So if you find yourself watching The Great Escape with Christmas dinner, either though DVD or On Demand, it’s your own fault. But as a litmus test, what do expect to be watching (apart from Doctor Who)?