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Advent 20: South Pacific Snow

Jeff Tracy becomes Santa to reveal all the secrets of International Rescue to a boy with a terminal disease. Happy Christmas.

The episode of Thunderbirds broadcast on 25 December, 1966 was titled Give or Take A Million. Perhaps that is what Gerry Anderson had in mind for Century 21's bottom line as the episode has a few hints on what toys might make suitable gifts. People talk about the merchandising revolution that came with Star Wars, believe me, Thunderbirds trod that ground eleven years before.

As the Christmas season is approaching, International Rescue and a local children’s hospital team up to fund a new radiation therapy wing with the help of a toy store. Added bonus one of the children is given a chance to spend Christmas on Tracy Island. A sleigh load of toys will be delivered to the hospital by Amazon drone rocket as one does. But the Bank next door to the toy store is being robbed by criminals who have their eyes on a vault load of gold bars and money. They end up in the rocket and being arrested, the reward providing a boost to the radiation therapy wing fund. 


So one unlucky kid gets to endure enjoy carols and mince pies with the Tracy Family on their South Pacific Island hideaway. Being Christmas, Brains has a party piece ready to decorate those palm trees.

(And if I’ve lined this clip up it properly it should start at the right spot, otherwise fast forward to 04:26.)

If you are watching the current run of Thunderbirds Are Go, S2, E10, High Strung has the Tracy’s going to the snow for an Alpine adventure.

The episode has a great sequence with the deployment of Brains’ new RAD vehicle. Will that snowman at base camp live to tell the tale?

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