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Advent 21: Some Christmas calamity

It’s the season of cheer and goodwill to all men and you can alway rely on your favourite sci-fi tv show to provide a pick-me up during the festive season. If you have never watched Blake’s 7 beware. Nothing says it is Christmas like a 35-year-old spoiler.


You could always rely on Terry Nation’s Blake’s 7 to go out with a bang. The first series ended with Gareth Thomas as Roj Blake and Paul Darrow as Kerr Avon being told by super computer Orac that their super starship, the Liberator, would be destroyed. And we ended with a sudden image of the ship exploding.

Then the second series ended with a mysterious alien invasion fleet breaking through a galactic minefield. A severely wounded Blake tells Avon he has always trusted him before collapsing. Taking point, Avon gives the order to fire as the fleet advances on the ship (Allegedly, Terry Nation intended the invaders to be the Daleks, but that never happened).

The third season seemed to take on a new spark of life with Avon as the leader of our revolutionaries, but it ended with the destruction of the Liberator which had been coated in corrosive space gunk.

Then we get to the fourth batch of episodes which came to a close on 21 December, 1981. Avon thinks he has tracked down Blake and hopes he will be a rallying figurehead against the Federation. Did he really think it would be that easy?


You know it is the season to be merry when this happens ...

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