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Advent 8: Let's do the time warp!

I used to be a time traveller, but that’s all in the future now. It should be noted that the first time travel story of the modern age is also a Christmas story. Some might say it is also the Christmas story.

With that in mind, December 8, it seems, is a good day to jump straight to the business end of the Festive Season. It is Time Traveller’s Day. So break that wishbone, light the brandy on the pudding, charge up the Delorean and zap yourself out of 2016.

But wait! There are rules. You need to know this before activating that emergency temporal shift. Rule one is that you should dress as a time traveller. Rule two, don’t tell anyone that you are a time traveller. Rule three, if somebody twigs that you are a time traveller then admit it. The game is up.


Don’t mess up the timeline either. You never know who will end up being elected President.

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