Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

In an ideal world, I would fit this up with a wall of little windows that can be opened one-by-one, but since it’s the season, consider the virtual window clicked and the panel opened on a Christmassy (rather than Quatermassy) sci-fi treat.


I first encountered The Star, a Hugo-winning Arthur C Clarke short story, on a vinyl album reading tales from The Nine Billion Names of God: The Best Short Stories of Arthur C. Clarke. It is a natty little yarn of interstellar travel and tested faith and apparently generated some controversy when published in the first issue of Infinity Science Fiction, dated November 1955. They obviously wanted a bit of a bang to begin with. I’m now wondering what the Blish and Bloch tales were about. I haven’t managed to find the audio version I heard, but there are several audio versions out there for anyone who wants the talking book experience.  

It was adapted as a segment of the revived Twilight Zone in 1985, although they soften the revelation that comes at the end. Of course, you can also read the original online at https://www.uni.edu/morgans/astro/course/TheStar.pdf

Give it a go!

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