I’m off to the cinema shortly to catch a seasonal treat that features a mix of malevolence, mischief and mayhem. Nothing says it is Christmas more than an exotic cute pet to love and adore.

And as I type that a certain black-and-white bundle of fluff has decided that my mobile phone could be as much fun as stuffed mouse. If you thwack it with a paw it drops off the table. 


Back to the silver screen. We’ve got a timely showing of Joe Dante’s 1984 horror comedy Gremlins. Billy Peltzer gets a new pet Mogwai that he names Gizmo. The adorable little fellow comes with the caveats that he should never be exposed to bright light, should never get wet, and most importantly should not be fed after midnight. Of course, all these things happen and it unleashes an army of terrors that multiply faster than Tribbles.