Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So... that happened. Outside one animated feature, I can't remember the last time I saw something like that. Spoilers below. Y'all have been warned.

So, one thing that sets Adventure Time apart from its fellows is a sense of continuity. Not only that, but the passage of time. Finn has gotten older. He started noticing (and even dating) girls. He's visited a timeline or two where he's lost his right arm. The fact that those timelines had it in common was a not-so-subtle foreshadowing. And, welp. Finn has officially lost his right arm.


The two-episode premiere of season six is a right corker. Jake's chillin' in Prismo's pad with Cosmic Owl, Death, Peppermint Butler, and a few other choice guests... and the Lich. CO, D, PB, and TL all have hidden depths. Jake's just cool like that, and Prismo's so laid back, his party attracts the cosmic forces of the universe. Plus he never runs out of cheese crackers.

Jake returns home, where he finds Finn lying awake on his sleeping bag— something he's outgrown— thinking about his dad, who he just discovered is still alive, in something called 'the Citadel'.


You wanna trip to the Citadel, commit a cosmic crime. Long story short, they get there. The Lich springs out of his malaise long enough to kill Prismo and earns a trip to the Citadel— where Finn's dad isn't a warden. (He's totes a prisoner.)

The Lich's mojo starts bleeding through, freeing and possessing cosmic baddies left and right. Ouff. These episodes. Go watch these episodes.


Long story short: Finn's dad is a deadbeat. Always has been. He makes his getaway with some new cosmic cronies— whether or not he will survive remains to be seen, but who gives a glob— and his son Finn loses his arm trying to hang on to his old man.

Some Guardian blood mends the wound, leaving only a budding flower in the place of Finn's quasi-cursed appendage. It's some harsh mojo, straight up.


The Lich is similarly woojed into complacency, his bony body wrapped up in the innocent body of a baby. Since this is still a cartoon, the (massive) baby is left on Tree Trunks' door. That'll end well.

And so we begin season six.

Random Ob-sos:

- Death… is afraid of the Lich. Let that sink in.
- What the hell did Finn's Dad do?
- The Cosmic Owl packs up and leaves when Jake asks about how you rank a cosmic crime. Subtle but effective.
- Literal fore-shadowing. The sleeping old man coughs up black, two-dimensional Prismos.
-How often does AT use the word 'kill'?
- Jake continuing to be thoughtful in his shapeshifting, giving Finn a handrail for his staircase.

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