Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I love this show with its long seasons and short breaks between them. Tonight we got a double feature of two episodes back to back! Spoilers below for both episodes!


So a lot of stuff happened this episode! Interesting reveal about Prismo followed by a gruesome death! Shelby gets a pretty funny appearance. The return of the Lich King! Later followed by a kind of gruesome but not really seen relifening! And now he is a weird giant baby. Is that going to be an ongoing plot of whether he is going to grow up evil again? Well he is being raised by Treetrunks and Mr Pig, who Treetrunks was about to divorce apparently before the giant baby in the basket, so maybe he will be really sweet. Finn's dad turned out to be a jerk which isn't surprising to me.

* Finn's dad seems familiar with starships! Does that maybe mean what is left of humanity is out in space?

* I am going to guess that Finn's flower is going to grow into a plant arm that can morph into a blade and maybe other things.

What did you think?

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