On this week's Adventure Time, a story of depression, makeouts, and bees. Spoilers ahead!

We open with Finn getting his flower checked on by Doctor Princess. Always fun seeing Doctor Princess! Finn's flower has started to wilt, and she asks him how he's feeling. He says he doesn't really feel anything, slumping down sadly.

She tells him that flowers thrive on good vibes, and gives him doctor's orders to go have some fun. He asks if she wants to come with him to Crab Princess' party later that night, and she tells him she doesn't date her patients. He says that's cool, and that he'll just have to make out with Crab Princess at the party.

As Finn travels through the forest, he sadly sings a song about how "lost in the darkness" he is. Meanwhile, nearby, a bee is flying by, when something catches her eye. Finn's flower. She joins his song, singing about how beautiful his flower is.


At the party, Finn's hanging out with, uh… Ragdoll Princess? Look, there's a million of these, I can't remember all of them right. Suddenly the bee from earlier starts buzzing around Finn's flower. He shoos her away, and she apologizes.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't realize—" "Didn't realize what, there's a person attached to this flower?" Hmm, I wonder what this could be alluding to?


The bee, named Breezy, apologizes again, saying that his flower is the most beautiful thing she's ever seen, and she's just hypnotized by it. She starts making conversation with Finn, clearly still only interested in his flower, and asks him what he's doing here. He says he came to make out with Crab Princess, but that he doesn't really know what crabs are into.

Breezy says she'll help, and flies over to Crab Princess, who is conveniently talking at that very moment about how she thinks everyone should start showing off their dance moves. She flies back to Finn, and we cut to him dancing. Crab Princess is impressed.


After the party, Finn walks Crab Princess down the beach back (I guess) home. She says she had a good time with him, and he asks for a kiss. She obliges, and oh my god how weird is this show you guys? Right? Right?!

Breezy shows back up and asks Finn how he's doing. He says he's all right, and it's cool that he made out with Crab Princess, but that really he doesn't feel anything. "Maybe if I make out with lots of girls I will feel something?"

Breezy is, again, only interested in Finn for his bo— flower, for his flower, but Finn hasn't picked up on it, and tells Breezy that she's a good wingman, and she agrees to help him pick up chicks to make out with.


The next few minutes are a montage, as Breezy helps Finn win over a couple different girls. Man, I want to know more about that Ritual Sacrifice Princess playing the trumpet, it seems like there's a story there. I also really love that the sacrifice gets up and starts dancing with everyone else.

Back at the treehouse, a weirdly-shaped Jake (I don't know, he's trying something new) sees Finn with the adorably-designed Froyo-Princess, and notes that she looks a lot like Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum both.


I guess Finn has a type. Finn's still not feeling good and flips out at Jake when he brings this up, taking Breezy and storming out.

As Finn and Breezy talk, he says that he still, after all those makeouts, really doesn't feel much of anything. He wonders if he should just let his flower die. Breezy (of course) doesn't like that idea, and tells him that he has a responsibility to that flower. She then reveals that she has some responsibility she's been dodging too, and that she's a "virgin queen bee" who will be turned into a true queen bee the first time she eats royal jelly.


Finn says that's a real bummer, and that Breezy should stay free. "Free to make out with whatevs." "It's a shame we're such good buddies or we could, make out with each other. Just kidding! Heh heh!"

As the two of them ride down a waterfall together, a nearby bee sees Breezy with Finn, and doesn't like it at all. He tells her she should get back to her hive and stay away from Finn, but Finn shouts at him that she's an independent woman who can make her own choices.


The bee calls out some friends, and they begin swarming Finn. Desperate to save Finn (or, rather, his flower), Breezy bursts into the bee's hive, finds their stash of royal jelly, and eats it. This lead to… A magical girl transformation sequence?



Huh. That thing is super ugly.

Yeah, not a big fan of the Queen Breezy design. It just looks clunky and awkward, and it should look regal and cool.

Breezy quickly dispatches the bees swarming Finn, and tells him that she's changed just for him, because she loves his flower, and she thinks she loves him. She says he can now "partake of [her] pollen crumbles and become [her] drone." He says he's just not that into her, and she sadly leaves, having become a queen bee just for him. It's actually pretty sad.


Later, Finn is still trying to find girls to make out with, and we see him dancing for Lumpy Space Princess. LSP says she's onto him, but that she doesn't care, and the two of them kiss. Finn starts to leave, but LSP says she's not ok with just one quick kiss.

I'm uncomfortable!

Later that night, and Finn and LSP sleep near each other in sleeping bags under the stars (I'm uncomfortable!), Finn asks his flower if it's doing any better. In response, on of the petals falls off. Finn says he'll just put that moment into the vault, and goes to sleep.


As he falls asleep, Breezy returns, and during a reprise of the song from the beginning of the episode, Finn thinks he sees PB off in the distance, under the moonlight. This is apparently the good vibe he needs, because as he sees PB, the flower begins to grow out into a might tree, which shatters, leaving Finn with…

His second arm back!

As he's celebrating, he sees that it was Breezy standing there all along. Finn's flower, having left his body when the arm regrew, slowly falls from the sky onto Breezy's head, and she sighs happily, ending our episode.


Final thoughts:

This was a good episode. Finn's depression was honestly pretty hard to watch, and Breezy was given a shocking amount of character development in this episode, for a one-episode character.

I can't believe the stuff Adventure Time gets away with. We've basically just had an episode about how Finn has a string of one-night stands in order to combat his depression, unsuccessfully. It made for a good episode, but wow the subtext was off the charts on this one.


Breezy's desire for a physical relationship with Finn's flower was also super weird.

Speaking of super weird, no really, what's up with that design for Queen Breezy? As good as the designs in this show usually are, that one was terrible.

I do hope that there's more to the arm thing than just "boom, suddenly Finn has his arm back!" We see what looks like a small thorn growing out of Finn's palm as he looks at his new arm, so I suspect we'll see the return of the grass blade before long. I was really hoping Finn's new arm would be something cool, like a plant arm which could shapeshift into his sword, or something, so the fact that it's just like his old arm, especially after all the cool alternate arm designs we've seen in episodes like Puhoy, or Finn the Human.


So yeah. Decent episode overall, a little disappointed by the ending.