Oh, right, Adventure Time is super weird. Spoilers ahead!

We open with BMO and NEPTR watching Finn and Jake sleep. It's less creepy than that sounds. BMO tells him that at any moment, "it" will happen. Indeed, a moment later, we see what "it" is. Apparently, once a month, Jake's tail comes to life, to go somewhere. It packs a bag full of rubbish, tosses on a hat, and heads out the door. "But where does it go?" NEPTR asks. "That's none of our business. BMO replies.

It's the audience's business, though, and just a moment later we find that Jake's tail slithers far away, to join a circus run by, and for, bugs.

Apparently at this circus, Jake's tail spends one night a month as the high-concept clown Blue Nose, who wears a sad face makeup, and whose performances are a bit too heady for the crowd. The first one we see involves him befriending a bee puppet, who only leaves him.


The audience is not amused, and boos him out of the limelight. tossing whatever they happen to have. "Too much artsy, not enough fartsy," the ringmaster tells him.

We then see Blue Nose stick around as the next act begins, as the horrible monster, the hideous Goralina, is brought out.


We get a brief moment where Blue Nose looks on sadly at the display, as Goralina is clearly abused by her captors, being whipped and abused for fun. Oh no, I'm having "Appa's Lost Days" flashbacks, someone stop this madness!

Of course he act goes horribly wrong, though, as the abused chipmunk breaks free after an ant throws a full carton of something at her eye, and she devours a large chunk of the audience. Here we get the best gag of the episode, "Don't worry Junior, it's all part of the act."

Luckily, Blue Nose is able to calm Goralina down with a dance, and she is mesmerized, falling down and freeing the ants stuck in her cheeks.


The next day, Blue Nose goes to talk, or rather be in the same room with (he is just a tail, after all) the ringmaster, trying to convince him that they need to let Goralina go. The ringmaster says that Goralina is their big attraction, so he says that if Blue Nose can come up with the kind of an act that gets them the big money Goralina does (three cents), then he'll let her go.

So, for the next act, Blue Nose sells out his art, and for lack of a better word clowns around, becoming hugely popular and earning five whole pennies.


Of course, after his performance, the ringmaster says that with both Blue Nose's improved act and Goralina, they'll be rich. Blue Nose is none too happy about this, so he quickly beats up the ringmaster and his cronies, then quickly frees Goralina. As soon as she's free, though, Blue Nose is captured.

The ringmaster assumes Blue Nose was stealing his act, trying to go start his own circus. They even start to beat Blue Nose up as his makeup is smudged, giving him a smile. Before things can escalate further though, the first beam of sunlight hits Blue Nose, and as quick as he appeared, he begins to disappear.


We next get to see him retrace all his steps, or slithers, through the episode, in reverse. I appreciated this, because I was actually wondering whether he had been backtracking places, or just leaving a trail everywhere.

We even get to see Goralina, free, and reunited with her mate. His mate? I don't know, the ringmaster kept saying Goralina was a she, but that other rodent definitely looks more feminine, and it's not like he— You know what, it's not important.


The tail retracts all the way back to the treehouse, snapping back to being Jake's tail, and leaving a very confused Jake to wonder why he suddenly has blue paint and a hat on his butt.

The Good:

This was a fun little episode, and after four episodes in a row which have been a little heavier (especially the season opener), I think it's a good thing to have just a fun little episode.


It's definitely one of those episodes that reminds me just what a strange show Adventure Time is, though. Not even in the way of the surrealist humor of the first season, just a weird premise. I mean, it's the typical runs-off-to-join the circus episode, but only a body part is doing it, not the rest of the person.

The Bad:

On the other hand, this is the very definition of filler. It's good filler though, so it doesn't really bother me.


And, let's be clear, I reference "Appa's Lost Days" above (from Avatar: The Last Airbender, if you're not familiar), but this episode is no "Appa's Lost Days." Goralina has basically no personality, which makes it a little hard for me to care that much. Mind you, I understand they can't really spend that much time on developing a chipmunk in a ten minute episode, but still, it didn't totally work for me.

Final Thoughts:

I'm not sure there's really a lot to say about this episode that I haven't said already. It's a perfectly serviceable episode, but I also feel like it's one I'll probably forget about by next week. That's fine, not every episode can be a huge memorable one, every show has its filler, and like I said, this was good filler.


All right, next week… A non-canon episode made by a guest creator. About Finn and Jake become birds. Which I've already seen the first couple minute of. None of that sounds appealing. Awesome.