So for starters, I'd like to throw a disclaimer out and say I'm NOT going on this soon to be explained CRAZY diet because I believe in crazy diets. This is all in the name of solidarity.

To begin this story, you must know of my brother, who we shall call for the sake of privacy, Gym Leader Brock. Now Brock is a great guy, who I happen to share an apartment with. Brock has a problem though, which is he has pretty severe food allergies. He is severely lactose intolerant, and up until now has also tried to avoid gluten at all costs, because when he has it he gets so lethargic and ill, he's down for an entire day. It's hard though, because gluten is everywhere.

Brock's food issues have never fully been diagnosed, so he recently went to the doctor to see if he could get everything sorted out officially so he could have a better handle on things. After a ridiculously long list of questions, the doctor suspected that:

He's Lactose intolerant (We know this! As I am the same!)

He's Glucose intolerant (We suspected this!)

He's Sucrose intolerant (Say WHHAAAAAAAA?!)


They drew blood and he was instructed to essentially go do the paleo diet. Sugars from fruits and veggies are A-Ok but nothing processed. No gluten, lean meats preferably, no dairy (almond milk was suggested). Food diary, and check ups to review progress.

Seeing as Brock was super depressed he had to give up processed sugar (his one vice) and we buy groceries together, I told him I too would go on this diet. I know from firsthand experience dieting is so much easier when everyone in the house is dieting with you. I want him to be able to accomplish this and get better.


Anywho, does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? As of now we're purely eating gluten free brown rice, veggies, fruits, chicken, and nuts like raw almonds. I drink almond milk myself already so I'm trying to get him to start drinking it with me. The one thing I am NOT giving up is whiskey, partially because celiac people are mixed on wether or not it's Gluten free, partially because if this was Zombieland I'd be hunting for that lone bottle of whiskey like Tennesee and his twinkie.