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Adventures in Digital Arting (Updated with More Art)

A while I ago I purchased a Monoprice drawing tablet so that I could start experimenting with creating art digitally, instead of my tried-and-true physical art methods I had used my whole life. I was excited about it, because I thought that doing things digitally would save me on materials, and possibly time.

So far I've only worked with free drawing programs - the first one I downloaded was ArtWeaver, and though it's got a lot of features, I wasn't happy with it. Everything seemed to be harder than it needed to be - working with the program was difficult, and the results were not worth the trouble I went to.


Last night I searched around more carefully for a program that might be more my speed, and I found MyPaint. And the interface is so much more intuitive for me than ArtWeaver. I was able to draw that decent-looking cheetah I've included in the post.

So how about you other Deckers, who work with digital art? What programs do you use, and which ones have you tried?

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