Fucking lines, man. I hate 'em.

But I saw Starbuck and Anders!

I bought and started reading the first two volumes of Saga. I was thisclose to buying GoT/ASOIAF in graphic novel form (anyone read those? Should I bother?) and Serenity/Firefly hardcovers. I might have to go back and get those.

I also found this booth again. She essentially makes this absolutely gorgeous chain link jewellery. I bought a set last year and have been waiting patiently for this year. I got this:


I can't wait to wear them!

I went to a "sketch duel" between Lee Bermejo Ryan Stegman. Full disclosure: I had/have no idea who they were, I just wanted to go to a sketch duel. Apparently Stegman is very prolific in the Spiderman series. It was hosted by Fearless Fred, which other Torontonians will recognize as one of the few good radio DJs in the city.


That is literally the name of my next panel. It was less of a 'panel' and more of 'Fan-made Daleks entered the room and cracked jokes'. Obviously, it was the best, especially when two of the Daleks got into a Leafs-Sens argument. There was an MC who told the best story which I will try to retell here:

Dalek MC builds airplanes for a living, so he has a hangar at a small airport. This airport receives American planes, so there are Canadian Customs agents. One night, while fixing up his Dalek in his hangar, he decided to take it for a spin on one of the not-used runways, with all his lights and noises blaring. The tower totally saw him and sent a security guy to check it out. The security guy stopped him and was looking everywhere for the guy with a remote control. Dalek MC quickly told him that he was in the Dalek itself: "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? I AM HERE, IN THE DA-LEK" Security practically pissed himself. Well, they got clearance to go the main terminal. Dalek MC enters the terminal where there are Canadian Customs agents waiting for him. They ask if he's willing to play a joke. They set him up at the customs gate, so when am American plane lands and it's (tired, jet-lagged) passengers round the corner they see a Dalek, screaming "DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO DECLARE?!"


Apparently a few freaked right the hell out and practically ran. One guy recognized him and screamed "DALEK!". That guy got a blast from Dalek MC's air cannon.

We were howling in the room. Just an amazing tale!


This, sadly, was the best picture I could get of them.

Now I must rest, because tomorrow I will be dressed up as Pam Poovey and I will need to yell "Shit Snacks!" and "Sploosh!" all day.